Founded in August 2005 and located in Luzerna city, Santa Catarina, Odeme began its activities in order to search innovating solutions in accessories, devices, and equipments for medical and dental research, providing to researchers high value-added products, with affordable prices, that contribute for developing Brazilian dental research and that deals with the researchers real needs.

Having Odontology as the primary business, Odeme has worked, constantly, since its foundation in searching new technologies and innovations in its products and services. The first product was a microtensile device, which within a short time won researchers and many Universities in Brazil and abroad. Nowadays this device is already in its eighth version and it has contributed a lot for developing researches in adhesion area. Following this innovation pattern, Odeme is recognize, nowadays, as a researching and developing center for health and in 2012 was elected the most innovative Micro and Small Enterprise in Santa Catarina by FAPESC.

Composed by a qualify team within 10 years of experience in developing products, Odeme provides engineering services at reasonable prices, offering personalized solutions and helping research groups to develop their projects. In 2015 Odeme opened its first branch located in Florida – United States.
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Our values
- Commitment
- Effectiveness
- Creativity
- Innovation
- Cordiality
- Proactivity
and Technology
Since its beginning, Odeme chose a business model aiming technological innovation. Classified as a technological based company, Odeme believes that innovation should be present not only in its products, but also in its management style, in its services and all other areas in the company.

This business model assured to Odeme the allocation of resources from the main Brazilian development agencies (CNPq, FAPESC and FINEP), resulting in many products in several areas of dental research.